Pet Photo Stamp USA

Photo Stamps let you turn your personal pet photos into real U.S. Mail Postage Stamps.

Photo stamps

Pet Photo Stamp

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Photo Stamps real U.S. Postage. Photo Stamp are now available to anyone who wants to create their own personal USPS-approved postage. Unitrd States Postal Service Approved USPS Pets are actually the third most popular form of "Photo Stamp" so far, after baby pictures and snapshots of family members, according to Stamps . More than sheets of personal postage were ordered in the first two days.. Great stamps for your holiday cards won't come cheap. At $16.99 for a minimum order of 20 37-cent stamps, they cost 85 cents each. Photo Stamp can be bought in any denomination between 23 cents and $3.85 and should arrive by mail within a week. You may have to order early, too, because this test is only authorized. win approval from the Postal Service and be extended.

Pet Photo Stamp

Postal officials will be monitoring to make sure the bar codes and serial numbers added to personal postage deter counterfeiting. They also want to verify that the agency's mail-processing plants correctly read the new format. While near-photographic in quality, Photo Stamp lack the highly detailed look of traditional stamps produced with a special photo engraving process. Print USPS-approved postage right from your PC. Use Stamp postage to send letters, packages, and even Priority Mail. US stamps virtually eliminates trips to the Post Office PhotoStamps. Sign up for Stamps and get an $80 offer that includes FREE postage and FREE digital scale. Photo Stamp offers | Contact | Sitemap | Pet | Dogs | Cats | Camera Blocker | Custom | Personalized